More Events on Scalia Speaks

by Ed Whelan

In case you’re interested: I have other upcoming book events on Scalia Speaks (and/or on Justice Scalia’s legacy) at BYU (Jan. 26), the University of Utah (Jan. 30), Charlotte (Feb. 2), Belmont Abbey College (Feb. 2), Villanova (Feb. 7), the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia (Feb. 7), Orange County (Feb. 13 and 15), Los Angeles (Feb. 14), San Diego (Feb. 16), Atlanta (Feb. 20), SMU (March 8), Georgetown (March 10), Vanderbilt (March 20), Nashville (March 20), Houston (March 21), Cincinnati (March 28), and Columbus (March 29). I will post more detailed information about these events a few days before they occur.

I’d be open to working in more events on my out-of-town trips, so contact me if you’d like to arrange something.

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